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Apr 13, 2013

Thisss week, the Who'ssss He? Podcassssst take a look at the latessst (I can't keep this up, I'm now covered in dribble) take a look at latest offering from series 7 of Doctor Who, Cold War.  Will Phil & Paul actually like an episode this time round or will it be three out of three to get a negative review?  What will they make of the return of one the classic series most iconic of the Doctors foes, the Ice Warriors?  Listen to find out of course?

And in the news this week, Sylvester McCoy rules out the return of any of the classic series Doctors for the 50th Anniversary special, some more casting news for the 50th, a return to the anti matter universe of Omega's Tat Corner and Phil gets mad (don't get mad Phil, get even!) with the spoiler images posted on Twitter this week from the filming of the 50th special.

Oh and there's the small matter of the guys reading out some actual feedback!!