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Jan 20, 2013

It's the first audio commentary of the year, so that means once again Tony returns to the fold to join Phil & Paul in getting through Destiny of The Daleks episodes 1 & 2.  This one is real struggle folks!  The lads do their best to keep their spirits up in this shoddy run down Daleks, Stevie Wonder disco wigs and ill fitting Davros masks but try as they might, this one gets the better of them!  Tony tries desparately to inject some humour into proceedings with his facts but these fall flat in the face of this dreadful story!

And in the news this week the January releases from Big Finish, news of an actor who would like to return to Doctor Who and one actress who isn't and a return to Omega's Tat Corner with some overpriced glittery tat that wouldn't look out of place on QVC.