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Jun 2, 2019

In this months Who's He? Podcast...

The News

At last there is some filming news for season 12 of Doctor Who with the reveal of a returning monster, rumours abound that there will be a Christmas special this year and we say goodbye to Stephen Thorne, the man behind Omega, Azal and Eldrad.

Omega's Tat Corner

Paul delved into the pile of tat from the past, with a glittery piece of tat that Phil reckons you need KY to slip onto your finger.

Review - The Android Invasion

This month Phil and Paul look at the Target novelisation of The Android Invasion written by Terrance Dicks. he plot holes come thick and fast this time and both of them lament this missed opportunity of a book as there was no excuse to keep in the massive plot holes of the televised version.