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Mar 20, 2022

In this edition of the Who's He? Podcast.....

Review - Bloodtide

This month Phil and Paul challenge the evolution of humankind by taking a look at Bloodtide from Big Finish. While the Silurians in this story shake up Charles Darwins theory of evolution, Phil gets despondent at the same tactics that we've seen employed before by our 3 eyed monsters, while Paul defends the audio version of the Myrka!

The News

Christopher Eccleston has demands if he is to return for Doctor Who's 60th Anniversary and we say goodbye to 3 people from Doctor Who.

Omega's Tittle Tattle Corner

Rumours abound for the 60th Anniversary with all the post 2005 Doctors supposedly returning and another rumour for a new Doctor Who LEGO game which gets Phil excited!