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Mar 20, 2013

This week, Paul & Phil review the latest in the Destiny of The Doctor audio stories, Vengeance Of The Stones featuring the 3rd Doctor.  Does this story follow up on the brilliance of Shadow of Death or does it cause Phil and Paul to disagree for the first time in ages?  Listen to find out but be warned: Scottish stereotypes are discussed and the word "stones" is used with wanton abandon!

And in the news this week, the air time and a prologue (I refuse to call it a prequel!) for The Bells of Saint John is revealed to waiting fans, filming for the 50th Anniversary special has been pushed back, the tabloids start their typical rumours that Matt Smith is leaving, Peter Jackson will direct an episode of Doctor Who if Steven Moffat gives him a Dalek and in Omega's Tat Corner they return to a piece of tat that they discussed a few episodes back.  Blimey, that could've been explained better.  Why didn't I put "previously on Omega's Tat Corner" instead?  Really need to get a proof reader for this rubbish.