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Apr 1, 2019

In this weeks Who's He? Podcast.....

The News

The Macra Terror gets its DVD and Blu Ray release (and Paul admonishes Phil for not getting him a free copy), there's Big Finish new release news, Jodie Whittaker is awarded the freedom of the City of London and John Levene releases his autobiography.

The Horror of Glam Rock - Review

It's the 1974 and glam rock is at its height and there is an alien invasion by way of a Stylophone for the Doctor and Lucie Miller to fight! Yes, this month Phil and Paul look at The Horror of Glam Rock from Big Finish that also stars the mighty Bernard Cribbins! But Paul is perturbed at roadies drinking coffee and Phil is embarrassed to admit that he once owned a Stylophone. But did they like this audio story? Listen to find out!