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Jun 16, 2013

In this weeks episode, the attentions of Paul and Phil are once again focused on the AudioGo Destiny of The Doctor series with a look at the sixth Doctor story Trouble in Paradise.  What will they make of this story of Christopher Columbus and talking bullocks and will Phil ever recover from his little moment alone thinking about Peri?  But also during the course of this discussion, a history lesson on Christopher Columbus is given and a Peri impression is offered.

Also this week, they talk about their sojourn to the BFI to see The Two Doctors as part of the Doctor Who at 50 celebrations and how disappointed Eric Saward looked to be there.

But in the news, they discuss all the 12th Doctor rumours they missed on last weeks episode and call a 12th Doctor casting rumours amnesty on the podcast, rumours of recovered missing episodes to be released for the 50th, Big Finish's license for Doctor Who has been extended to 2016 and news of a TARDIS being put into Earths orbit (yes you did read that correctly!).