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Oct 20, 2013

After an extremely long period, it's audio commentary time!  This go around, Phil, Paul and a returning Tony tackle The Daemons, episodes 1 & 2 in the first of a two part commentary.  And even after such a long time between commentaries, the three of them have learnt nothing.  It's still shambolic and they barely pay any attention to what they are watching as Tony unleashes his "facts" on Matthew Corbett and his contribution to the set design of The Daemons and thrill as they watch a U.N.I.T member phone a chat line.

And in a very slapdash news section this week, they cast their eyes over the 50th Anniversary trailer shown on Saturday night, Moffat's teasing over the amount of regenerations, what really happened with that casting rumour on Ben Daniels, some 50th Anniversary cocktails and in Omega's Tat Corner there is one helluva lot of mintage.