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Nov 18, 2012

After a no show with the podcast last week, episode 84 finally gets made but not what was advertised in the previous episode.  Oh no, they've gone and done an audio commentary instead and this month it's Dalek Invasion of Earth episodes 1 to 3.  During the commentary hear, feel and hit Tony as he makes Phil deploy the dreaded swear beep for the second time in the podcasts history!  Thrill as Paul wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and gasp in horror as Phil makes jokes about onanism!  But make no mistake, any diversity training they might have had went straight out the window!

And in the news this week, the Doctor Who Christmas Special prologue and trailer aired on Children In Need where we all found out the name of this years special, Doctor Who is up for a People's Choice award, Steven Moffat wins a Writers Guild Award (though none of them can figure out what for) and Alex Kingston reads the Angels Kiss that they all treat with complete indifference.