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Dec 2, 2012

At the second time of asking, Phil and Paul are giving it another go with Smith and Jones, the series 3 opener.  This time they are a bit more with it but get easily sidetracked along the way with a discussion on the Doctor kissing his companions - does it still shock or is it old hat now?  Phil also manages to get in an impression of Terry Scott and during the recording Paul is visited by the ghost of Jon Pertwee.

And in the news this week, a few items on the 50th Anniversary including events at the BFI next year, Christopher Eccleston being coy about his involvement and what's going on with the good Doctor at Christmas this year with a quick run-down on what ex-Who actors are appearing in panto this year and there's also a brief return to Omega's Tat Corner!!  Just watch out for John Barrowman in panto this year, he'll have your eye out!