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Sep 24, 2015

Doctor Who is back and so is the Who's He? Podcast! After Skype got over its little hiccup (thanks a bunch Skype), Phil and Paul at last were able chat about The Magician's Apprentice, episode 1 of series 9. And what an opening episode! Davros, Missy, Skaro, Daleks old and new and a man made out of snakes that glides around like Cliff Richard on roller skates! But what did Paul and Phil think of this story and was it worth the wait? Well, there were caveats to them enjoying this episode, in fact it has lot to do with the Doctor's guitar styling's to be exact! But towards the end both Phil and Paul start rambling like they were in a rest home for elderly gentlemen which may cause some people to switch off.

And in the news it's the return of the dreaded stats, Jenna Coleman is confirmed as leaving Doctor Who, series 9 episodes titles have been released and more Big Finish Torchwood casting news.