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Dec 9, 2015

This is it folks, the series finale! Join Phil and Paul as they ponder over Hell Bent but is the review you were expecting? Was this the episode that Phil and Paul were expecting? Well, it appears not and don't hold back with what they exactly thought which could put them at odds with the rest of fandom! However, this week the reviewing duo discuss whether lots of good ideas make a good story, new sonic screwdrivers, the return of Clara Oswald and just how good did that classic TARDIS console room look?

There is also listener feedback on the finale and also some familiar voices sum up series 9.

And in the news, another update on the North American DVD release of The Underwater Menace, the annual Bonhams auction, the last stats of this year and in Omega's Tat Corner it's yet another Christmas jumper and model kit that has Phil salivating.