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Jun 25, 2018


In this episode, Phil and Paul grab some forged passports and tunnel their way out their cells to review Colditz by Big Finish. In this 7th Doctor and Ace story that features a future Doctor and introduces the character of Dr. Elizabeth Klein, the reviewing duo (well, Phil really) go off track with discussions on World War 2 themed toys of their youth, how warnings from history are being ignored or airbrushed from existence and how just how dangerously close we are to repeating the same mistakes that 1930's era Germany made. Oh, and they talk about the story itself of course!

And in the news, the new Doctor Who cast will appear at this years Comic Con in San Diego and we say goodbye to British soap legend Leslie Grantham.

And in a little bonus, the lads talk about their trip to the BFI to see the UK premiere of the blu-ray edition of Genesis of The Daleks!