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Jun 4, 2012

In this weeks episode, the reviewing partnership of Phil & Paul take a look back at the....ahem...well regarded series 4 story The Doctors Daughter. Ok, I can't keep up the pretence any longer, it's probably one of the least well regarded stories in this series and Paul & Phil do little to change anyones opinion. But they go through the motions and try as they might, they can't be help but be nothing but critical of this story, so don't expect many laughs this week!! However, after much analysis, they reach the conclusion that the only thing that could have saved this story is....WILLIAM SHATNER!!

And in this weeks news, the first group of guests has been announced for Gallifrey 2013, series 7 production news and air date rumours and in what has become a regular feature, Phil & Paul promise to listen to some Big Finish audios!!