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May 12, 2013

The lads get their teeth into Neil Gaimans highly anticipated story, Nightmare In Silver, that promised to make the Cybermen scary again.  Well, that is certainly a bold claim and not one that goes unchallenged!  Oh no, Phil and Paul have differing views on this weeks episode which leads to Phil having an internal struggle before the leprechaun on his shoulder tells him to burn stuff, while Paul does his best to change Phil's mind only to fail miserably.  Phil also takes a moment this week to think of Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine.  A very long moment in fact.  There is also a lot of talk about fanwank that could lead to blindness and they also briefly talk about She Said, He Said, the epilogue (yes, epilogue!) to The Name of The Doctor.

And in this weeks news, in the absence of any overnight viewing figures for Nightmare In Silver they make some up instead, news on showings for the blu-ray editions of the Peter Cushing Dalek films and in 50th Anniversary news, a photo of Matt Smith that has set tongues wagging and John Hurt lets the cat out of the bag which Phil and Paul talk about.  Sort of.