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May 26, 2013

Now that the current series of Doctor Who has finished, Phil and Paul return to the Audio Go celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who with a look at the April release of Babblesphere, the 4th Doctors outing in the Desting of The Doctor range. After Phil being disappointed with the 3rd Doctors story, this time round it's Paul's turn to show disappointment in this thinly veiled satire on social media. However, Phil does manage to get in his impression of Lady Bracknell, so a little bit of culture is injected into proceedings. Ok, that's stretching things, I'll admit!!

And in the news this week, more viewing figure stats, Doctor Who wins an award, Phil spits in the face of the Daily Mail and a small piece of DVD news concerning the Ice Warriors.

All together now, "A HANDBAG?!?".