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Jul 7, 2013

This week the lads bring you their first audio commentary in 5 months and it's for Ghost Light!  This of course means the return of Tony to the podcasting gang, who brings his usual blend of facts, bewielderment and ignorance.  What I am trying to say is that he hasn't changed a bit!!  However, after a 5 month break from providing an audio commentary, Phil, Paul and Tony realise they may have made a mistake in selecting this story and begin to struggle heroically with it, while Tony uses the opportunity to ask the listeners questions simply because he can't be bothered to look up the answers himself.  And during the course of the commentary, it slowly dawns on Phil that he doesn't really like Ghost Light.  Heretic!!

And in the news this week, the tickets for the 50th Anniversary Convention finally go on sale, the BBC shelves any further plans for 3D projects after the 50th anniversary and in strange news of the week it is revealed that Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby were considered for the role of the Doctor in a 1980's proposed Hollywoodisation of the show.  Shamone!!