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Dec 22, 2013

It's the Who's He? Podcast Christmas special and as usual they take a look at a Doctor Who Christmas special from years gone by and this time it's the turn of Voyage of The Damned, the Kylie Minogue vanity project.  So get in a festive mood as Phil and Paul review this story in a subjective and respectful manner and extol the virtues of this Christmas classic for the ages.  Oh and the word awful is used.  A lot.  One hell of a lot as a matter of fact!

And in the news this week The Time of Doctor has it's DVD & blu-ray release announced, The Moonbase DVD reveals it's special features, director news for series 8 and in a sad tale for festive season, Christmas Log the lonely K9 knock-off is abandoned in Plymouth.  All togther now, "aahhhhh".

And lastly, a Merry Christmas to all our listeners!!