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Dec 30, 2012

At last, new Doctor Who to watch!!  Yes, Phil and Paul size up this years festive Doctor Who offering, The Snowmen.  Is this the best Christmas special ever?  Well, there is plenty for the lads to discuss: a new companion, a new TARDIS, a new theme tune and new opening titles!!  What more could you ask for from Father Christmas otherwise known as Steven Moffat?  A good story that's what!!  So listen to find out if this is an improvement on last years dismal offering!!

And in the news this week, it's the return of no-ones favourite subject - audience figures!  The latest is revealed on th Royal Mails 50th Anniversary Doctor Who stamps and it's a sad end to 2012 with passing of Sir Richard Rodney Bennett and Gerry Anderson.

We would like to wish our listeners a very Happy New Year!