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May 24, 2015

This weeks episode of the Who's He? Podcast starts off strangely as Paul is off out and about and it's left down to Phil to present the quickest news section ever for this podcast. And all he can talk about is whinging Doctor Who fans angry at the news that Steven Moffat has signed up for series 10 and talk of the 12th Doctor fancying Clara in series 9. But let's face it, Phil loves talking about whinging fans.

But once the news is out of the way, it's down to business and Phil and a returning Paul discuss Master, the 3rd in the 40th Anniversary trilogy from Big Finish in 2003.  So after enjoying Davros last time, will this be 2 out of 3 for enjoyment or will this join Omega in the not great category? But in a tale of lost memories, spooky houses, serial killers and Death itself, what's not to enjoy? Tune in to find out!