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Nov 10, 2015

After being away last week, a returning Phil and Ghostbuster Paul tackle not only The Zygon Invasion but also The Zygon Inversion in a podcast episode that Phil lovingly refers to as a "double banker". And what a 2 parter! With it's themes of tolerance, terrorism and a damn fine performance from Peter Capaldi (seriously, give that man an Oscar, a BAFTA, an Emmy, whatever! Give him something!) and Jenna Coleman, the Who's He? Podcast review what could be the best story since the show was revived in 2005 (hey, that rhymes!).

And in the news this week, Steven Moffatt quashes the rumours that series 10 will only be 6 episodes, while Peter Capaldi chastises the BBC for the scheduling times for series 9 (hey, that rhymed again, I'm on a roll!) and in Omega's Tat Corner, Character Options and Toys R Us do a deal to bring you dolly tat!

All this plus listener feedback!