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Feb 4, 2024

In this episode of the Who's He? Podcast....

Death to the Daleks | Audio Commentary Part 1

After putting the vote to our listeners, Phil and Scott sat down to record part one of an audio commentary for Death to the Daleks starring Jon Pertwee as the Doctor with Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith. With the Doctor and Sarah Jane stranded on the planet Exxilon, they stumble across a grumpy Scotsman and a ships captain with an ill fitting wig. And to make matters worse the Daleks turn up as well!

Marvel as Phil tries (and fails) to explain to Scott how the Doctors companions were written in the 1970's, just before Sarah lamps an Exxilon round the lughole with a starting handle and how Phil used to play Doctor Who as a nipper. Oh and Scott does a swear.

Join Phil and Scott next week for part two of the commentary.

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