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Apr 21, 2013

This week Paul & Phil continue with their look at this series of Doctor Who by discussing the creepy and spooky Hide written by Neil Cross whilst cowering behind their cushions.  Was this an improvement on his previous script or was it a bit of a clunker?  Will the lads give another unanimous thumbs up to an episode of Doctor Who two weeks on the bounce or will they revert to type and give it the thumbs down?  Also listen to Paul & Phil travel back to the 1960's where a man could "provide" for a lady whilst wearing his finest tweed.

And in the news this week, they catch up on viewing stats (the most popular part of the show), DVD news on The Ice Warriors and a brief discussion on the release of the posters for the upcoming episodes of this series, including the title of the last episode which has made fandom explode.  Again.