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Sep 29, 2013

In this weeks show Phil & Paul continue with their series 3 retrospective with their take on Family of Blood.  To be honest, expect more of the same as last week as this is real love in as the pair of them sing the praises of this story and everyone involved and tip their hats to possibly the greatest two part story since the show came back in 2005.  And Phil gets to use the word "beastly".

And in the news this week, the exciting announcement of extra tickets for this Novembers official convention and also the accouncement of the premier of An Adventure In Space And Time at the BFI which leads Phil & Paul to show their utter contempt for their listeners.  But in Omega's Tat Corner a piece of tat that is so unwarranted, unofficial and downright shameful gets chucked into the muckiest of Omega's corners.