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Mar 21, 2014

Put out the bunting, it's the Who's He? Podcasts 3rd anniversary!  Yes three years of turning out this rubbish and still no-one caring!  And to celebrate we're giving you the first in a two part audio commentary for the Tom Baker classic The Brain of Morbius.  But let's hand over to Condo for the rest of this synopsis:

"Condo speak now?  Good, Condo like to speak!  Condo like Who's He? Podcast, it remind Condo of arm.  When will Condo get arm back?  Condo like Omega's Tat Corner and Tony.  Yes...Condo not hurt Tony.  Tony pretty?"

Yes....anyway, in the news week, some more casting news and set photos for for series 8, we wish Olaf Pooley a happy 100th birthday and in Omega's Tat Corner some stylish footwear!