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Sep 25, 2017

In this episode Phil and Paul have another crack at a Target novelisation with The Greatest Show In The Galaxy by Stephen Wyatt. As neither Phil nor Paul are particular fans of McCoys era on TV, they were both afraid that this read would be a struggle. However, as Phil has a soft spot for this story and Paul doesn't it...

Sep 17, 2017


In this special edition of the Who's He? Podcast, a very nervous Phil talks to legendary Doctor Who producer Philip Hinchcliffe at the Whooverville 9 convention in Derby.

As well as discussing his time on Doctor Who, he also talks about writing scripts for Crossroads and the irritant that was Mary Whitehouse! Don't...

Sep 10, 2017


In this edition of the Who's He? Video Podcast, Phil pays tribute to the Doctor Who Experience which has now sadly closed in Cardiff.

Phil also manages to slip in a bit of good old fashioned nepotism into the show as well!