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Apr 1, 2013

New Doctor Who to review!  Hoorah??  This week Phil is joined once again by Martyn Havell from the Bad Wilf Podcast to review the opening episode of series 7 part 2, The Bells of Saint John.  While the pair of them are pleased Doctor Who has returned, neither of them are particuarly pleased with this story.  Oh no, they are not pleased with recycled ideas and plot holes you could ride a bike through, so tune in to find out just how displeased they were!! Mind you, it wouldn't be the Who's He? Podcast if there wasn't a certain amount of negativity now would it?

And in the news this week, David Tennant and Billie Piper to return to Doctor Who for the 50th Anniversary and in an exclusive for the Who's He? Podcast we announce today of all days that Paul McGann will return for the 50th in a new idea for the show - degeneration!!  Also the BBC announces they are cancelling the sequels to the Doctor Who console game The Eternity Clock.


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