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Nov 25, 2012

After leaving you all on a cliff hanger last week, it's the return of Phil, Paul and Tony with part 2 of their audio commentary for Dalek Invasion of Earth!!  What's in store for you all this week?  Well folks, it's the same as last week, awful puns, Tony's facts and long bouts of silence.  However, this is all interspersed with a long ramble about Toffo's, recounting who's still alive from Are You Being Served and Tony manages to offend Hewlett Packard.

And in the news this week, extra dates for the Doctor Who Symphony Spectacular in Australia, Bonhams have plenty of Who related memorabilia up for auction, audience figures for The Great Detective prologue and The Snowmen trailer, plus the return of Omega's Tat Corner with some overpriced rubbish!!