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Jan 23, 2015

It's time for another Target book review and this time Phil and Paul have chosen Destiny Of The Daleks written by Terrance Dicks. Phil is not such a fan of this story, so his judgement is already quite clouded, while Paul tries to find the good story lurking beneath. While this book is the fastest release Target made after a story's transmission (and it shows!), the shabby nature of the TV serial shines through which only leads Phil to conclude that the one thing that could have saved the book and the TV serial is extra boobs.

And in the news this week, how Doctor Who fared at the National Television awards, some more series 9 updates, Russell T. Davies on writing a Doctor Who movie script and in Omega's Tat Corner it's kitchen tat and some new figures that evoke memories of a BBC newsreader from days gone by.