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Jun 7, 2015

Once again Phil & Paul dip their toes into the literary world with a review of the Target novelisation of that confirmed fan fvourite Terror Of The Vervoids by Pip and Jane Baker (note the sarcasm there?). Well....I think you know what to expect from this one folks but let's go through the motions shall we? Does this book put right all the wrongs of the TV serial and does the description of the Vervoids improve on their presentation on the screen? But Phil and Paul actually disagree on the merits of the Vervoids which I think they did to liven things up a bit. However, mentions of Police Squad and Charley Farley and Piggy Malone break things up, so it's not all bad!

And in the news this week, Phil seeks Paul's opinion on Moffat staying on for another year which he missed out on during the last podcast, plus news of the Moff feeling guilty about reversing the outcome of the Time War and in Omega's Tat Corner it's tat for those cold, dark barbecue evenings!